Ohm Labs Inc Presents:

Ohm Music

Welcome to a more Beautiful Music CollectionInteract with Playlists Like Never BeforeWelcome to a more Beautiful Music CollectionHome Screen Uses Gesture-Based CommandsWelcome to a more Beautiful Music CollectionWelcome to a more Beautiful Music CollectionUse the queue to build playlists on-the-go

Beautiful Music Collections

We understand that your music library is not a spreadsheet, but a treasured collection that should remind you of digging through the crates at a record store. In Ohm, each of your artists gets a unique profile page, allowing you to easily browse through and showcase your favorite artist collections.

Playlists Done Right

We were annoyed by the fact that players were repositories for your playlists, rather than a factory of them. To solve this problem we introduced a queue, which allows you to quickly build on-the-go playlists. Once created, your can then associate your own photos with these playlists, creating a far more personal musical experience.

Share Musical Moments

We\'ve enabled you to share the current song you\'re listening to from your music player to your preferred social network with a single click. You can also attach links from your preferred web services like YouTube so other friends can listen in too.

Sleek Controls

While the original iPod was designed with a click wheel, the current generation of smartphones requires little more than your finger to operate. Ohm has a full suite of gesture controls so you can use seamlessly play and pause, jump forward or back within your current shuffle or queue, ideal for when you\'re on a run, at the gym, or just walking around town.